Why Is A Co-Op A Societal Necessity?

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world where tourism is one of our main industry’s that we rely on as a community.  Wages are low, and there are not a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money.

We have a significant population of regular visitors who are second home owners who can afford high priced goods and $5 gas.

Everyone deserves high quality good food to eat, but there is not a go-to healthy food store choice that has bulk options at reasonably affordable costs than already existing local competitors.


Our solution to the problem is the Tahoe Mountain Food Co-op.


We are a group of local community members in North Lake Tahoe. This idea started because we want better more affordable eating choices in our Lake Tahoe Basin. 

Simple as that. Healthier, better, more affordable foods. This is an endeavor that fills a huge void for locals and families in the NLT region. 

No longer will we all have to trek to Reno to buy bulk, better quality foods at cheaper costs.

We are a membership based cooperative that encourages members to pick one 2.5 hour work trade shift a month in exchange for SIGNIFICANT discounts. AND if you are too busy, you can pay an annual membership cost to receive the same discounts. Or if you are from out of town, feel free to still shop at our friendly, local grocery.

We aim to be the locals choice for food buying needs. We are a member owned and operated initiative.

Our Survey Analysis only points all the community members actively in support and want of a food co-op of this kind in our region.  Please see the Community Tab for Survey Results and Details.  


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